Infographic: Vital Factors To Remember While Looking For A Bird Netting

Are you looking for ways to keep birds away from your roof? If you do, then a bird netting can be a viable option for you. To make sure that you buy a bird mesh netting of satisfactory quality, spend some time on the internet to compare nettings of different types and sizes. Select a mesh size keeping in mind the specific species of bird you are dealing with.

Larger meshes are best suited for wind loading and are not easily visible. On the other hand, if you are dealing with medium-sized birds, then a size between 1-1/8’’ is ideal. To ensure a high level of safety, go for a flame retardant netting. Created from knitted high-density polypropylene monofilament, these nettings have a coating with a flame retardant additive, which protects the netting from fire during emergency situations.

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