Brief Guide: Uses of Steel Wire Mesh and How it is Made

This article provides information about the different forms of steel that exist and the various ways in which they are modeled.

Steel is one of the alloys of iron with numerous desirable qualities which make it distinct. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and strong which means it can have a wide variety of uses. Since steel is ductile which means it can be drawn into wires, it is used in making wire mesh and other products used at home. Of all the products made from steel, wire mesh is the earliest and most popular. The wire mesh has been used in making fences and barricades at home, covering machines in industries, making shelves, grills, and cages. It is also used in the reinforcement of concrete in construction sites. There are also different forms of steel which include hand woven stainless steel mesh that is easy to make at home and it is relatively cheaper as compared to the other forms of steel. The article provides information on the various types of steel and the way in which they are made.

Stainless Steel

It is one of the common types of steel and due to its ductility, it is used in making wires. It is used in making wire mesh after it has been passed through a process that further improves the flexibility and strength of the wire mesh. The process that is used to make the wire mesh is given below.

Welded Wire mesh

It is made using a welding machine that cuts the steel at certain calculated joints which in most cases are the intersecting joints for the horizontal and vertical steel wires. A stainless steel wire is fed into the machine in a vertical position. At the same time, a parallel steel wire is also fed into the welding machine. The two wires will intersect at 90 degrees and the machine will join them. Heat is also generated by the machine so as to weld the two wires. After the wire mesh that has been welded is cool enough, the wire is cut into various dimensions and used for the desired purpose. Welded wire mesh is used in construction and it can be cut into various sizes and shape before being reinforced with concrete. Different tools are used in making the wire into the different shapes so that they can easily be reinforced with concrete.

Weaved Wire Mesh

The wire is made through the spinning technique where the vertical and horizontal wires that intersect at 90 degrees are used to make the weaving that is desired. In most cases, a spun machine that is automatic is used in making the weaved wire mesh. The wire mesh is more flexible. Weaved wire mesh is used differently and one of the notable uses of the weaved wire mesh is in the various industries where it is used to carry out various processes. It is easy to customize weaved wire mesh to the desired type and there are different varieties of the wire available.

Steel wire manufacture companies use a wide variety of techniques to model the steel wire into different forms so that it can have different purposes. People prefer hand woven stainless steel mesh in carrying out their home activities since it is easier to make.

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