4 Amazing Tips When Cleaning Bird Aviaries

One of the main reasons why aviaries are created is to provide a place for birds to be healthy and safe. But, no matter how you provide safety for the birds in an aviary, it still limits the access of the birds to other natural elements like the sunshine and the rain. This is why it is important to observe cleanliness even with the bird enclosure netting.

Having a clean and spotless aviary does not only provide a good environment for the birds but it also gives protection to the birds against diseases and infections. In this article, we will give you basic but important tips when it comes to cleaning the aviary efficiently.

Protect the Flooring

It is advised that you cover the floor first. This is more convenient and will make the aftercare a lot easier. Covering the floor does not need to be fancy. Find old newspapers or you can buy beddings in the market that are sold at very cheap prices.

When using paper, make sure that you change it every day. Moreover, do not forget to scrape off the litter using a rake so the birds’ droppings fall down. Take note that you need to change the litter or the bedding on a weekly basis.

Maintain Cleanliness with the Containers

It is almost always obvious that you need to observe cleanliness with the containers where the food and water for the birds are placed. Always make sure that the containers are washed on a regular basis. These are the places that the birds will get their daily dose of nutrients and if they are not clean and full of dirt, they may get infections and other diseases.

Remember to use soap and hot water when cleaning the containers to ensure that the majority of the bacteria and germs are eradicated.

Clean the Walls

The walls of the aviary will also need to be cleaned at least once a week. Cleaning the walls is pretty much like cleaning the water and food containers. You can use mild soap and hot water to sanitize the walls. Always opt for mild soap so that your birds cannot inhale the strong fumes from soap with strong agents.

If it is not possible for you to clean every single day, we suggest that you clear your birds’ droppings on a regular basis.

Transfer the Birds When Doing Heavy Cleaning

The best way to ensure that the entire aviary is sanitized and completely cleaned, it is recommended that you use bleach. However, bleach is a very strong agent that produces strong fumes. These fumes can become very detrimental to your birds.

So, when you are scheduling a total cleanup for the aviary, you need to relocate your birds into a different place. You can use a bird enclosure netting with the temporary habitat to ensure that your birds are still safe. Remember to not put them back right after you do your cleaning. There will still be traces and remnants of the bleach and its fumes that will harm the birds. Only place them back in around a day or two after you have cleaned the aviary.

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