Buying the Best Aviaries

If you have birds in your home and would want to secure them, but still give them the freedom to move around, then you will love the aviary nets.

The market has so much to offer when it comes to bird aviaries, finding the right one, however, can be an uphill task. Buying bird aviaries is as easy as going online and ordering one. But, it may also be as easy as purchasing one that will fall apart as soon as you install them than to serve the intended purpose. So, you’ll need a lot of planning, consideration, and calculations to get the right kind of aviary net for you.

Unlike cages, these nets offer freedom to your birds, because they provide more space for them to move and even fly around. You also won’t have to worry about the birds fighting due to competition, thanks to enough space that the aviary wire mesh provide. Aviary nets allow you to mimic the natural habitat of the birds, so they will have an easy time adjusting to it.

Buying tips

When you buy aviaries, your first step should be to get one that is wide enough, and tall enough for you to walk into. Basically, the width of the entire structure should be at least 2-3 times the wingspan of the bird; the length should be at least 6 times its body width and the height should be at least 4 times the length of its body. So, if you have 20 birds of average body size, then your net should measure about 12ft long, 3ft wide and 5ft tall.

For larger birds, go for structures that measure about 6ft X 8ft or more – it would be a great idea if they were made of steel because it will be easier to clean and more hygienic. Also, go for mesh screens as they ensure that the birds get a natural flow of air as well as sunshine.

Experts recommend having two doors to avoid any escapes – the first one (or the outer door) should let you in the aviary, then the second one (inner door) should let you into the actual aviary. But if you feel like this is too much involving, then you can go for just one door with enhanced security. Still, on security, choose aviary wire mesh that’s about 12.5 square meters and 1.2mm thick.

Structures with wire mesh roofs are incredible; however, they aren’t as ideal if you come from an area that experiences lots of rain or snows. If this is the case, choose aviaries with sloping or flat roofs, better yet, you may put it in an overhang. Be sure to include a lot of perches for birds to create nests on or to roost on. If you are looking for convenience and easy time cleaning, then you may opt for the concrete flooring as it allows you to hose clean.

Above all, the aviaries should blend with your home décor or the surrounding; otherwise, they will look unattractive in the compound. You may also buy shrubs or plants to decorate aviaries, such as dogwood trees, coffee and elm trees, bougainvillea and barberry bush for color. Baby’s breath, violets, and African daisies are great flowering plants.

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