Raffles Mesh Offers Outdoor Vine and Aviary Netting

Singapore – June 5, 2018 – Established in 2001, Raffles Wire Mesh is a leading specialist in the manufacturing of premium quality stainless steel rope mesh. Possessing a wealth of experience in the sector, the company has been able to achieve tremendous growth over the course of its existence catering to the needs of thousands of clients around the world. Among the products the company offers include animal enclosures, bird netting, aviary, aviary fence, zoo enclosure, animal fence, zoo fence, railings, zoo mesh and balustrade in-fill. By working closely with their clients and understanding their needs, the company has been able to develop innovative mesh solutions; an element that has seen them attain a loyal following both locally and internationally.

Speaking about the benefits of using stainless steel wire mesh, the Head of Sales said, “Stainless steel wire meshes have gained tremendous popularity over the years in various application due to the ton of benefits they offer. Stainless steel wire meshes are soft but strong, offer high flexibility and are suitable for a wide range of applications. They offer excellent visibility and are close to nature as well as being environmentally friendly. In addition, they provide a luxury appearance and an exceptional elasticity and buffer ability. At Raffles Wire Mesh, we’ll ensure that you get a wire mesh that best speaks to your needs and one that will give you value for money.”

Clients can now buy artificial outdoor vine at Raffles Wire Mesh. Suitable for aquariums and zoos, the company’s new line of custom naturalistic vine products is hand-sculpted and specially realized from non-toxic materials. The items are constructed of durable polyurethane which is animal-friendly and can handle extreme weather conditions for up to three years. They’re available in a variety of sizes, textures, and styles and are the perfect enrichment for any enclosure or exhibit, small or large. Clients can explore the options provided on the company’s website and pick one that meets their requirements.

Speaking about their completed projects, the Head of Sales said, “At Raffles Wire Mesh, we’ve had the opportunity of working on various projects and have managed to deliver beyond expectation. Our portfolio of completed projects includes Mesh for parrots Macaw Cases, Leopard Exhibit case, Eagle Enclosure Fence Netting, Gibbon Enclosure Cage Case, Tiger Enclosure Cage Case, Deer Enclosure Fence Netting, Lion Enclosure Fence Netting, and Monkey Enclosure Fence Netting among others. Through our products, we continue to wow clients as it relates to their needs and we promise that it won’t be different for you when you shop for our items.

When it comes to aviary netting for sale, one can be sure to find some of the best nets at Raffles Wire Mesh. Providing a uniform and excellent transparency, their aviary netting products offer optimal interaction conditions for visitors. The aviary nets can be designed and produced in various sizes ensuring clients get the perfect fit for their application. Clients with queries about the same can visit the company’s website and have a chat with their customer care department.

About Raffles Wire Mesh

Raffles Wire Mesh Offers a variety of stainless steel rope mesh solutions to clients around the globe. Their items are of high-quality and can be personalized to meets a client’s requirement.

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