Facts You Need to Know About Good Zoos

It is already a proven fact that we are in the middle of an extinction crisis. This means that a large percentage of the world’s animal species are already endangered and they are slowly going into extinction if we do not make a move as the smartest animal of all. It is concerning but fortunately, there are many zoos around the world that do their part in trying to save animals by bringing them closer to humans. No wonder, they buy stainless steel cable mesh to facilitate closer contact.

Below are just some facts that we think are important to know. We normally just go to zoos for leisure without knowing that these places are actually taking smart actions in order to save wildlife.

Fact #1 — Fight Extinction

Zoos have a very special and important role when it comes to fighting extinction. This is done through breeding animals while they are in captivity and protection. Animals that have been found in wildlife that are part of the endangered species are also put under special recovery programs.

As a matter of fact, there are zoos that invest millions of dollars in the efforts of conserving different species.

Fact #2 — Provide Education to Visitors

There are also good zoos around the world that do not just display different animals. In addition, they also provide education to visitors. They believe that making people know everything about animals will give them a sense of stewardship in saving the planet.

The efforts to educate visitors were further backed up with a study that involved students being introduced to an ordinary frog. In the beginning, these students only equate a small value to the frog. But, after the teaching, many students developed a strong belief that even an ordinary frog deserves to be conserved.

Fact #3 — Attract People with Passion and Compassion

Good zoos only employ those that have the passion for saving animals. They have so much love and compassion to animals that they will do anything that they can in order to save the animals. Just the thought of extinction is devastating for these people.

When zoos hire these people, the management will be sure that they will give extra care and attention to the animals and protect them at all cost so they can recover and get out of the endangered species zone.

Fact #4 — They are Non-Profit

Good zoos do not do caring and protecting of animals for business. In fact, there are a handful of zoos around the world that do not earn a profit. They simply do this out of compassion.

Their business model is simple. They want to earn income and use that as an investment to further improve the conversation efforts for the benefit of the animals in protection.

Fact #5 — All About Improving Provisions of Animal Welfare

Good zoos give the same importance to animal welfare just as much recovery and conservation. In fact, they use every possible means in order to ensure that the animals are living a full life while they are in the zoo. They buy stainless steel cable mesh to both protect the animals and give visitors a chance to interact with them in a natural and safe way.

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