Artificial Outdoor Vines

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Raffles Wire Mesh new line of custom naturalistic vine products for zoos and aquariums that are hand-sculpted from specially formulated non-toxic materials. With the outdoor vines, animals like monkey would be able to climb and swing on it like in the natural environment.

Our artificial outdoor vines are the best on the market! We construct them out of a durable polyurethane which is animal friendly and will stand up to all but the most extreme weather conditions up to 3 years. You can order them in a variety of styles, sizes, and textures, and they are the perfect enrichment for any enclosure or exhibit, large or small. Explore our options of outdoor artificial vines below, and contact us to order your naturalistic artificial vine today!

(Customisation Option is available)

Service and Ordering of Artificial Outdoor Vines

  1. Free Sample:
    Sample of less than 1 meter is provided free of charge. Requestor needs to incur the courier charges.
  2. Custom Specification
    1. Length: Our standard length is 30 meters. Upon request, we will manufacture the Artificial Vines according to specification.
    2. Wire Rope Diameter (mm): 30-40 or 50-60
    3. Ending : Eye splice
      If there are any special requirements not shown above, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. The size of Bulk Roll
    The size of the bulk roll varies depending on the size of the ordered.
  4. Packaging
    The Artificial Vines will be rolled and packed into the P.P. woven bags or wooden crates.
  5. Lead time
    The order could be arranged within 24hours, lead time is between 7-30 days depending on the quantum of order.