Why choose stainless steel rope mesh?

How to choose between Wire Mesh and Stainless Steel Rope Mesh?

Let’s make a comparison between two products:

Ordinary wire mesh products:

  1. For plastic coated, it will degrade over time due to UV exposure;
  2. The mesh size limit, generally not more than 3 meters. With small meshes, there will be more joints affecting the aesthetics
  3. Shorter product life;
  4. Relatively cheaper

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh products:

  1. Do not undergo chemical processing, environmental pollution-free;
  2. Large mesh size, flexible customization, up to 30 meters high,
  3. 30 years of product life; which lowers maintenance cost in the long run
  4. Slightly more expensive than the other wire mesh products.

With Stainless Steel Rope Mesh, Architects are able to construct new enclosure with practically any shape and size.

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