5 Reasons Why Netting Is A Must in All Construction Projects

Netting is quite significant in our daily operations. When people think netting they think the small picture, which is in sports where goal posts and basketball courts come to mind. A lot of people also think “fishing nets” when netting is mentioned especially if they come from regions with big natural water bodies. When it comes to netting you ought to think the big picture. This involves the use of netting for the safety of people. Most people do not think in this direction since the importance of wire rope netting in preventing disasters is not well promoted.

Netting is important especially in construction settings since it can help save construction employees from deadly falls. Research has it that the leading cause of death on a construction site is by falling from high altitudes. Let’s face it, construction employees will have to venture into scary heights during the construction process of a high-floor structure at some point. In light of this, safety from falls is therefore essential in any work site. Here are a few points that will help highlight the importance of safety netting.

Employee Ignorance

When construction employees begin to get accustomed to working at certain heights, they begin to get over-confident. A general cockiness develops which can lead to a worker ignoring all protection protocols. This kind of behavior can lead to disaster if it goes unchecked.

Unstable Roofs

When working on unstable roofs, it is important to have protection protocols adhered to. This is because the roof on which the employee may be stepping on may shift beneath his or her feet at any time causing them to suffer a fatal fall.

While Using Dangerous Equipment

Netting is important when using dangerous equipment since it ensures safety during handling.

A Fall Can Dent Operations

A fatal fall at your site can have legal and emotional ramifications. You could face legal indictments if the right safety precautions such as netting, fall arrest systems, and guard railing were not put in place. Other employees who watched their colleague fall to death will be scarred for life as well, which causes an emotional and psychological breakdown on their part.

Debris Netting

Debris netting is the kind that is usually spotted on city megastructures and skyscrapers while they are still under construction. This is known as debris netting since the nets put in place prevent debris from falling to the ground. The building contractors are under an obligation not to let the debris or their working tools fall onto the street, where they can easily fall on passers-by causing injury or death. This is well spelled out in the (occupational safety and health act) also known as O.S.H.A guidelines. Owing to the fact that falling debris has caused death, impairment and severe injury in the past, contractors face steep penalties and fines for failing to adhere to the setup guidelines. This point well articulates the need for wire rope netting in construction activities.

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